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1. Copyrights

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If you wish to use the information beyond the scope described above, please contact the Company in advance via the inquiry form.

2. Trademarks

The product names of EVAFLEX®, HIMALIN®, CMPS® and MIRASON® are trademarks of the Company. NUCREL, ENTIRA, ELVAX and SURLYN are trademarks of the US-based Dow Chemical Company or its affiliates.

3. Links

When the website of a third party (hereafter referred to as "linked site") is linked to from this website, or when a third party website links to this website, the contents of those linked sites are managed at the responsibility of the respective parties that operate them, and are not under the control of the Company. When using these linked sites, please follow the terms of use posted on each of them.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of linked sites or for any damages that may arise from their use. Also note that the fact that another site linking to this website does not imply that the Company advocates the use of the linked site or any products, services, companies or other information posted on the linked site. This also does not imply any specific relationship such as a business alliance between the Company and a linked site.

Disclaimer : The websites of affiliates disseminate information under their own responsibility and are treated the same as third party websites.

4. Link Policy

When setting up a link to this website, please link to the main page

( the URLs of individual pages are subject to change or deletion without notice.

The Company refuses links from websites the Company deems are offensive to public order or morality, are defamatory in nature, or which may harm the business or credibility of the Company. Additionally, when linking to this website, please contact the Company in advance (via the website inquiry form), informing the Company of the name, telephone number and email address of the user, the URL of the website from which the link originates, and the date of starting the link.

Also note that the Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for the websites from which links originate.

5. Protection of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information

6. Disclaimer

Though the Company exercises the utmost caution in information disseminated through its website, it makes no guarantees as to the usefulness, accuracy or safety of the information posted (including but not limited to that errors or other issues will not occur, that each function will operate properly at all times, that any issues that occur will be fixed, or that the website and its servers are free of computer viruses or other harmful content). In addition, the Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered by a user as a result of using or utilizing this information, or as a result of being unable to do so.

7. Governing Laws, etc.

Matters including the use of this website, the information posted on the website and the interpretation or application of these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive first instance jurisdiction for any disputes arising in connection with the use of this website.

Further, the content of information sent by the Company via email or other means with regard to an inquiry a customer has made to the Company website is intended to be the most appropriate response to an individual customer, taking into account the individual circumstances of such a customer. Accordingly, customers are asked to refrain from using or repurposing all or part of such information for other purposes.

8. Recommended Environment

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Protection of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information

SSL (encrypted communications)

To protect the privacy of customers, when information that can identify an individual is sent, the Company encrypts the entered data and employs technologies and SSL (encrypted communications) to ensure that the information is sent and received safely. By using a browser that supports security features, personal information you have entered such as names, addresses and telephone numbers is automatically encrypted before being sent or received, eliminating the risk that the information will be leaked to a third party.

Protection of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information

9. Use of the Inquiry Form

Handling of personal information

  • Personal information entered by customers is handled in accordance with the Company's personal information protection policy ("Protection of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information").
  • The Company will use the personal information of customers for the purpose of responding to their inquiries, and will not use the information for other purposes.
  • To respond appropriately to an inquiry, the Company may disclose the entered information to an affiliate company. In addition, you may be contacted by an affiliate company to respond to your inquiry.

SSL (encrypted communications is supported)

To protect the personal information of customers, the Company encrypts the information that is entered, and uses email forms that are protected with SSL and other technologies ensuring that information is sent and received safely. Encrypting the information protects it from third party eavesdropping, tampering or spoofing, etc.

10. Viewing the Latest Information

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The issue may be resolved by clearing your browser's cache.

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When the same page is accessed again, it can be quickly displayed by referencing the saved data instead of downloading the data from the Internet.

How to clear your browser cache

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Clearing the browser cache in Safari 6 and greater

  • 1. Open Safari, and click [Preferences] from the [Safari] menu bar.
  • 2. Display [Advanced], and place a check beside [Show Develop menu in menu bar].
  • 3. Click [Empty Caches] from the [Develop] menu bar to complete the process.