OthersNotice of Product supply following the shutdown of the Otake Plant in our company

June 20, 2022

Dear Customer,

On May 9, 2022, a plant failure occurred at the Otake Plant in our company, and safety equipment was activated to shut down the plant. There was no human damage associated with this suspension. Due to this suspension, we had initially planned to restart operations in early July for restoration.

However, in June, as a result of the detailed inspection accompanying the restoration work, it was confirmed that there were new places requiring repair, so the restoration work plan was revised, and the restart of the plant is now expected to be in early August.

We will make every effort to ensure the safe restart of the plant and stable production as soon as possible under the direction of relevant government agencies.

Regarding the delivery of products to our customers, we will consult with each of them individually, taking into account the inventory status.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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